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How to count things、1本、1枚、1個?


There are many units in how to count things in Japan.

Chopsticks= 一膳(ICHI ZEN)

Squid = 一杯(IPPAI)

Machine = 一基(IKKI)

There are many ways to count things. Among them, I would like to explain the typical images of "本," "枚," and "個."

○Elongated ones are「1本(いっぽん)IPPON」

Many "books" are long and slender.

For example, I think pencils and pens are easy-to-understand representative examples.

In addition, movies are a remnant of the films used in old movies (slender if stretched), and are often counted as "1本, 2本".

○Flat items are counted as 「枚」 or 「丁」.

aper and fields are flat images. Therefore, it is counted as one or two.

The "1-CHOME(1丁目)" in the address may also be used to mean what the number is when the map is viewed on a plane and separated.

○Three-dimensional thing is「個」

Box-shaped objects are usually counted as 「個」.

○It is not embarrassing to make a mistake

This time, I explained the image of the basic units of 「本」,「枚」, and 「個」.

However, there are many more units in Japanese.

That said, I don't think you're too concerned about unit.

Even in Japanese conversations, we sometimes use incorrect expressions, such as saying, 「お箸(はし)を1本とってください。」 (To be exact, chopsticks are "1 膳(いちぜん)")

The conversation is still valid.

Having a counting unit is smart as Japanese. However, I think it is more important that the image is correctly conveyed to the other party.

Each unit has an image. Every time you come across a new unit, you may be able to broaden your thinking and perspective in Japanese by imagining what kind of image the unit is used in.



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