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How to use Internet in japan?

This article reveals the recommended way to use the Internet in Japan. It explains the features, advantages, and disadvantages of each Internet usage method.

we picked up the recommended prepaid SIM, pocket WiFi, and WiMAX services for you. Let's find the most suitable way and spend your Japanese life with a speedy and comfortable Internet.


Short term stay.

【The places where you can use Wi-Fi】

  In almost all of public facility, you can use wifi freely.

In addition, these place provide wifi generally.

  • Cafe

  • Family restaurant

  • convenience stores

Most of the time, you can find notification: "無料Wi-Fi" "Free Wi-Fi". However, there are cases that they don't post it, even though there is Free Wi-Fi. Especially in the Chain Family Restaurant. Almost all of the diner gives Free Wi-Fi, so anyway check it!

【SIM for a short stay】

There are two ways in which tourists visiting Japan and foreigners staying in Japan for a short period can use the Internet. One is to connect a prepaid SIM to a SIM-free device. The other one is to connect to the Internet via a pocket WiFi. Those advantages and disadvantages of each are as follows.

①Prepaid SIM for Tourists

The greatest point of prepaid SIM cards is that you can easily purchase and use it immediately. If you have a credit card, you can purchase it online and pick up at a Japanese airport or designated location. You can use the Internet as soon as you insert your prepaid SIM card into your smartphone and complete APN settings.

Pocket WiFi Router for Tourists / Visitors

A feature of pocket WiFi for visitors is that multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets can be connected simultaneously. By sharing with family and friends, you can use the Internet at a more reasonable price. Also, it is recommended for those who use the Internet frequently in Japan because there is no limit on the data capacity. However, if you use a large amount of data in a short time, the speed may drop.


Long term stay.

We recommend WiMAX services for you .

The greatest point of WiMAX is that you can use the Internet easily without any complicated settings. Although it is hard to get accessed in the mountains and the basement of buildings, it can be connected without any problems because it covers over 99% of major cities throughout Japan. If you stay in an urban area, you can save money as using WiMAX instead of fixed-line. Moreover, you can cut the cost of a smartphone bill as using the cheap SIM/smartphone, and use WiMAX to watch videos or download large files.

Normally, you need to contract 2-3 years to use WiMAX. If you cancel in the middle of the period, you have to pay a cancellation fee. Therefore, it is for people who stay in Japan for over 2 years.










 など様々な場所で利用できます。どの場所でも利用できる場合には、「無料WiFi」や"Free Wifi”と掲示してあることが多いです。もし表示がなくても大抵のファミレスなどには




<90日以上滞在 (留学や仕事なら)> WiMAXの契約がおすすめ(日本ワーキングホリデーセンター推奨)です。WiMAXと契約することで、長期間・低価格でインターネットを利用することができます。





日本に中長期にわたって在留する(在留カードを持つ)外国人の中には、自営業を行っている方などは国民健 康保険に加入しているかと思います。 国民健康保険では、その有効期限が定められており、原則として8月1日から7月31日になっています。 ただし、在留カードを持つ外国人の場合については、在留期限までが国民健康保険証の有効期限とされています。 そのため、在留期間を更新した場合には、新しい国民健康保険証が交



















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